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"Dealing with Affinity was by far the easiest part of this process, and you were quick to respond and very professional in all cases.’’

"The money has reached our solicitors account this morning, and if everything else goes well, we should be in the house before the weekend! We're so grateful for everything you've done, and will have no problem recommending your services in the future. I'm sure we'll be speaking to you at some point in the coming weeks, and definitely again when the fixed term has elapsed and we're in the market for a new provider. Your advice and guidance helped make this a really smooth process." - Vincent and Kate

For us
Customer Care is a promise..

...not a slogan. We offer our existing customers a wide range of free financial advisory services and customer supports. For further information please email

" I managed to reduce my term significantly and will save a lot of money in the long run by switching. Peter and Aisling did a huge amount of work in the background and made the process as smooth as possible. They also put me in touch with a solicitor who I can speak very highly of too. I was extremely happy with the overall service." - Karen Forde

For us
Customer Care is a promise..

...not a slogan. We offer our existing customers a wide range of free financial advisory services and customer supports. For further information please email

"Peter, Graham, and Aisling were thorough, helpful, and honest throughout the entire journey of our 2nd mortgage and subsequently our Life Insurance also. They took away a huge amount of the headache and kept us up to date at every step of the process. Their professionalism is second to none, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone." - Paul O'Byrne

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What our Customers say about us

"People often say to be polite that "we couldn't have done this without you." In our case it's 100% true. We emigrated to Ireland and appreciated that getting a mortgage can be tough especially without a local credit record. We needed an effective team with a high degree of responsiveness.

The Affinity team were all that and more. We're very grateful to Peter, Mary and Graham for all their hard work on our behalf"

"Peter and his team were there to help us through every step of the re-mortgaging process. Peter provided exceptional service in answering all of our questions and making sure we felt comfortable with the decisions we made.

Affinity Advisors make what is a very difficult process seem straight forward as they do a lot of the heavy lighting in the background. We couldn’t recommend Peter and his team anymore, they are both highly personably and professional and provide a great service."

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"To Peter, Aisling and Co. We just wanted to say a sincere and heartfelt thanks for all your help over the past few months.

You took a lot of stress away from us and have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. As you can imagine, we're delighted to be completed and in our house! Thank you for a terrific job, we'll definitely be recommending you to anyone we know."

"I cannot recommend Affinity Advisors highly enough. Without Peter and his team we could not get the best mortgage rate in the market.

They are highly professional in the mortgage processes and relying on their service makes such a complicated process smooth and less stressful, covering all aspects of the the process, such as, getting the best building and life insurance plans and quotes. I highly recommend everyone who is planning to start a mortgage application contact to Affinity Advisors while it is not too late and enjoy peace of mind with their service."

"Peter and his team were there to help us through every step of the re-mortgaging process. Peter provided exceptional service in answering all of our questions and making sure we felt comfortable with the decisions we made.

Affinity Advisors make what is a very difficult process seem straight forward as they do a lot of the heavy lighting in the background. We couldn’t recommend Peter and his team anymore, they are both highly personably and professional and provide a great service."

"To Trevor, Caroline, Aisling and all the team at Affinity Advisors, thank you so much for your efforts in first getting us sanction for a refinance of existing mortgage as well as a top-up facility to carry out an extension to our property. As another bank had let us down, our timelines were extremely short, and you all worked with us to get this to sanction and drawdown within the quickest possible timeframes so that we could get our builders started on the extension to match their availability.

This is a service that no bank would ever be able to offer and we would not have been able to do this without your support. There was always someone available at the end of the phone or by email which took away a lot of the stress associated with the transaction and the advice was always extremely well informed, with everyone in the office being an expert and having sufficient knowledge to deal with every query. I would be delighted to refer any friends, family members or acquaintances to Affinity in the future. Thanks again"

" I highly recommend Affinity Advisors for anybody and everybody considering a mortgage application in Ireland. Considering the market and landscape for such products in this country and the misinformation advertised by Banks, the professional level of service provided by Affinity is a must. We have saved hundreds of euro's each month, equating to many thousand euro's over the course of the next 20 years.

Peter and Aisling's knowledge of this mortgage landscape, their attention to detail and support throughout the entire process make a somewhat complicated process feel easier and less stressful.

Having worked for 15+ years in Financial Services, the fully transparent nature of their business also cannot be understated."

"We were with our mortgage provider for over 16yrs and during that time, in particular in the latter years, we discussed moving to another provider that best suited our needs. Having three small children we continuously put it off as it felt too large a project for us to tackle alone.

We came across Affinity Advisors and reached out to Trevor who immediately explained what was necessary to move, what he would require from us and the process involved. He was also able to assist us with other elements of the move and was available throughout the process, regardless of the complexity of the query.

Trevor and his team communicated so effectively and efficiently we have been delighted with the service we have received and would recommend them with confidence"

"Many thanks for your message. We just received confirmation from our solicitor of same and will hopefully receive keys on Monday.

Both Louise and I want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to you and Aisling for your continued support and guidance throughout. We're delighted with your professionalism and our experience and will be sure to continue recommending our friends and family."

"We recently purchased a home for family holidays and for our son to use while he attends university in Dublin. Being a US resident posed unique challenges, all of which were handily sorted by Affinity Advisors. They introduced us to their broad network of contacts, products, and services effecting a wonderful outcome.

As an Irish American it’s hard to express how it great it feels to have a presence in Ireland. We certainly couldn’t have done it without Trevor Grant, Graham Maguire, and Shirley Ryan. Thank you"

"Following the recommendation of a friend my wife and I decided to engage Affinity Advisors to assist us with obtaining a mortgage for purchasing a new home for our family. From the very first phone call we received sound practical advice on how to manage the process. Applying for a mortgage now is very different to what it was 15 years ago when we bought our first home but Peter and his team made this so much easier managing every aspect of the process for us in an extremely professional and efficient manner.

The advice which we received from Peter throughout the process was invaluable and ultimately helped us choosing our new home. Peter and his team also ensured everything was completed just in time so we were able to celebrate our first Christmas in our new home. While moving house is undoubtedly a stressful time Affinity Advisors took away much of that stress for us. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter Gilbourne and his team at Affinity Advisors.."

"Going for my first mortgage on my own was a daunting thought. Trevor and Shirley at Affinity could not have been more helpful throughout the whole process. Every question I had along the way was answered quickly and efficiently. I will certainly be recommending Affinity to all my family and friends. "

"We were introduced to Peter and Affinity Advisors by a friend and it was the best thing that could have happened in our quest to move home. Peter was both a gentleman to deal with and a consummate professional with an unparalleled knowledge of mortgages. He took all the hassle and stress from our shoulders, as we had enough of that with the sale and purchase. He kept in constant contact with us, making sure our mortgage application was successful. Peter in turn introduced us to the solicitor we used, who was equally impressive. We would have no hesitation in recommending Affinity Advisors for your mortgage needs."

"Peter and his team were there to help us through every step of the re-mortgaging process. Peter provided exceptional service in answering all of our questions and making sure we felt comfortable with the decisions we made. Affinity Advisors make what is a very difficult process seem straight forward as they do a lot of the heavy lighting in the background. We couldn’t recommend Peter and his team anymore, they are both highly personably and professional and provide a great service”.

The mortgage workshop presented by Trevor and Peter from Affinity was extremely insightful. It was a hands-on and thought-provoking approach that left me feeling motivated with many actionable takeaways I can apply to my mortgage. It also made absolute sense to our team because it was delivered in lay-man’s terms. A number of our employees made changes to their mortgages afterwards which will result in significant savings over the years.

"As part of our monthly company wide team meetings, we agreed to a slot for Affinity Advisors to come and speak with our team on where we could save money, time and hassle for those thinking of getting on the housing ladder or those already on it. Trevor convinced me of the value of this when he demonstrated to me the importance of making smart decisions in relation to what was one of the biggest financial decisions I would make. I felt it was important for our team to have the opportunity to understand this also and how it may help them in their own journey. Affinity Advisors presented a very clear story and rationale for assessing options, current arrangements and how decisions now can affect future choices. Their process is not just about the here and now, it considers where you might want to be in 5 years’ time or 15 years’ time. Our team found it extremely valuable"

“Affinity Advisors have recently provided us with on-site employee benefit mortgage workshops with great success. The combination of larger workshops and individual 121 sessions have helped our employees get fast access to reliable support and information and as we strive to help employees gain access to relevant / important information and improve work life balance by facilitating services onsite we will look to continue to develop this relationship.”

“Securing a mortgage in my name was an arduous process that took almost a year. Trevor was committed, unflappable and persistent throughout the entire process. He utilized his vast knowledge of the market and network of contacts to secure the most suitable product for my needs. I have the utmost respect for his professionalism and admiration for his determination. At times I felt the process was hopeless but, he was always confident that he could help me and he did. I heartily recommend him to friends, family and beyond. If you need help solving a financial problem then I would suggest you contact Trevor today!”

“Affinity Advisers helped us to switch mortgage providers. We had a very positive experience during this process. The service provided by Peter Gilbourne was professional and if we had any questions he was very quick to respond to us. We found the whole experience to be stress free and I would recommend Affinity Advisors to anyone seeking financial advice and we would use them again in the future.”

Peter and his team were simply brilliant when we were looking for a mortgage and we honestly believe that if it wasn't for their hard work and dedication we would not have our home today. They helped us save a lot of money in the long run and the whole process was painless and smooth as before. We cannot recommend Affinity Advisers enough! Great professionals, an honor to have worked with them.

I was referred to Trevor by colleague and felt completely at ease from our first meeting. He simplified the process of getting a mortgage and ensured that he would get us the best deal on the market to suit our needs. He advised us that we were in a position to buy straight away and stayed on top of us when we needed to get our paperwork together. He was an excellent sounding board when we went through some difficulty in the sale process with the vendor. He is incredibly knowledgeable and provided detailed advice that I’m not sure many other brokers would be in a position to give. He also provided us with excellent financial advice around life and house insurance and ensured that we got the best deal. We have moved into our new home and couldn’t be happier, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Trevor!

The service and personal attention we received from Trevor Grant and his colleagues at Affinity Advisors was exceptional and beyond what we were expecting. Buying a home is incredibly stressful, and securing a mortgage is the most confusing part! Trevor was able to simplify the information in order for us to make the right decisions for us. He gave us the pros and cons of every option we discussed, and was always open to running multiple scenarios for us. Trevor found the right financing plan for our needs, and successfully guided us through every step of the way. We would recommend Trevor to anyone buying a home

"Affinity Advisors helped make sure that our home purchase ran as smoothly as possible. Peter and the team were a pleasure to deal with and always available to assist us and handle any queries we had. We can honestly say without the help of Affinity, the process definitely would have taken a considerably longer amount of time. Affinity Advisors helped us complete all paperwork in a seamless fashion alleviating a lot of stress. Their hard work, dedication and commitment ensured all elements from the mortgage perspective ran as smoothly as possible. They helped us keep on top of all aspects and helped us go from agreeing a sale to completing the purchase in just 4 weeks. Having dealt with a number of advisors over the years we can safely say Affinity are at the top of their game and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services."

"What Carol did for myself and Rachael cannot really be put into words but I shall try. From start to finish she made getting a mortgage without doubt the easiest thing I have ever done. When all my friends were going from meeting to meeting with banks and handing over copies off relevant docs, we made 1 trip in with everything required and Carol did the rest. It resulted in us buying our first home and completely renovating it into the dream house we always wanted. Even when 'we' (the fiancé) went over budget Carol got us a top up to ensure we weren't stuck. / An absolute pleasure to deal with and would come extremely highly rated. I have already passed her onto quite a few friends whom have said the same."

"Trevor was recommended to myself and my husband to help secure our new mortgage and we couldn’t have been more satisfied with the service we received. As we are both self-employed Trevor helped us to navigate the process with professionalism and clarity, when at times it all felt quite overwhelming. His patient, thorough and specialist advice was invaluable to us throughout the process and we are delighted to have secured the financing we needed, and ultimately acquired our new home in August. We couldn’t recommend Trevor and his team more strongly and thank him for all his hard work.”

Having recently bought a house, I could not recommend Peter Gilbourne at Affinity Mortgages enough.

He made the whole process very easy. He was always one step ahead of the process so things were completed in a timely manner and his intricite knowledge of all areas of the business meant I could 100% rely on his sound and invaluable advice every step of the way. I can highly recommend Peter and his team for anybody seeking a mortage and guidance through to closing the sale. They provide an excellent service and I cannot thank them enough!

Having worked with Trevor and his team on various complex mortgage projects/restructurings over the past 3 years, I can’t recommend their services highly enough. Trevor is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the mortgage market, and his professionalism, integrity, and attention to detail are second to none. A pleasure to deal with.

The service I received from Trevor was of the highest of standards only surpassed by the financial advice. Trevor’s recommendations continue to save me a significant amount of money each year. I have and will continue to recommend Trevor to family and friends.

"When we decided to trade up recently, Trevor secured a mortgage offer for us at a more attractive rate than we thought possible. Throughout the whole process, he and Stasia were a pleasure to deal with and took all the hard work out of applying for a mortgage. We would highly recommend Affinity Advisors to anyone seeking a mortgage.”

"Trevor came highly recommended by a friend when he helped secure a mortgage for them. We did not hesitate to contact him when we were going through the mortgage process ourselves. From our first encounter with him, Trevor was professional and his expertise shone through , despite some obstacles thrown in the way, Trevor was solution focused at all times and he made the experience a positive one. Trevor was available at all times, he even emailed us when he was on holidays. Trevor put our mind at ease when we had any query or concern. Trevor led us through the whole process of obtaining a mortgage,in addition he assisted us in securing the best value for money regarding health cover and house insurance. I firmly believe without Trevor we would not have secured our mortgage. I would endorse Trevor and his team to anyone who requires assistance in securing a mortgage. Thanks again for securing the mortgage for us, we are moving in on Friday coming."

"We found Trevor Grant and his team a pleasure to work with. Affinity Advisors ease what can be a very arduous and time consuming process. The key is that they know their business and they understand their clients requirements. Their service is bespoke and thus you know you are in the right hands. Trevor explored a number of options for us and found a mortgage solution that we were delighted with. We have and will continue to recommend Trevor and Affinity to friends."

"We were recommended by a friend to Use Affinity and Peter Gilbourne, and we are very glad we did. Our circumstances were not straightforward so the application process was made so much easier, with guidance by Peter and the Team at Affinity. All of the stress of the application was taken away. The personalized service and guidance throughout the process was invaluable and and we are delighted to to be in our new home."